How to Work with Elementary POS while Offline?

While you need an internet connection to access the Elementary POS Back Office, you can still use the cash register app offline.

What Works:

If you find yourself at a festival or an event in the middle of a desert with no signal, you can still issue receipts normally using our cash register app. All sales data is automatically stored in the app’s memory within your device. Once you regain internet access and log in to Elementary POS, the sales will auto sync into your Back Office.

Moreover, the app in offline mode can connect to external Bluetooth devices such as printers, card terminals, or barcode scanners.

What Doesn’t Work:

There are certain cash register features that won’t be accessible while offline, such as open bills (tables), as they require connection with other devices. The connection between cash registers set up in Elementary POS is provided via Wi-Fi; thus, while you work offline, all cash registers operate as separate units. 

Rest assured, though, that all the sales data that were collected while offline will automatically sync into the Elementary POS Back Office the moment you go back online.

External Displays

Just like open bills, connecting to customer, kitchen, or bar displays is only possible with a Wi-Fi connection.

TIP: If you’re outside of Wi Fi range, you can use a SIM card with data. If you don’t wish to purchase a new SIM card or your device doesn’t have a slot for it, you can use a mobile hotspot from your phone. You can easily google the way to create a hotspot on your specific phone.

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