Elementary Guide: How to Receive Card Payments With Elementary POS?

In addition to cash transactions, the Elementary POS cash register allows you to accept card payments as well. This gives your customers more flexibility when it comes to settling bills. 

How to record card payments without a SumUp or MyPOS terminal?

On the receipt preview screen, select the “payment by card” option. Even without a terminal, the card transaction will still be recorded for your reports. This ensures that you maintain accurate records of all payments received.

Currently, Elementary POS system supports the following terminals: 

SumUp, MyPos SMART N5, Carbon, and F20. 

These models of payment terminals provide a seamless integration with the Elementary POS cash register, ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process.

How to connect the app with the terminal? 

After generating a receipt for your customer, tap the “Payment by card” option. The specified amount will be automatically transferred to the payment terminal. Once the payment is complete, a confirmation will be printed automatically.

How to make additional edits to the amount sent to the terminal?

In case you need to do it, for example upon receiving a tip from a customer, you can easily edit the amount by tapping on the pencil icon right above it, after you select “Payment by card”.

Do you have any further questions regarding payment terminal integration to Elementary POS, or about the app in general? Don’t hesitate to look at more articles on our blog! If you cannot find the answer, we’re always happy to help you on support@elementarypos.com!

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