How to connect a cash drawer to a printer? 

If your business is using payments by cash, connecting a cash drawer to your Elementary POS app has made your transactions much easier. It enables you to make the cash drawer open when you need it: 

When the cash is received: the cash drawer opens after the user taps the “CASH” button in the Elementary POS app and fills in the amount received.

When the receipt is paid: the cash drawer opens after cash is received, or after a card payment is accepted. It enables the seller to place a card payment confirmation inside the cash drawer.

After the receipt is printed: the cash drawer opens after the receipt is printed.

The cash drawer and printer settings are in the same tab of the app, titled “Printer settings”

If you’d like to connect your cash drawer to a printer, the app will run you through a few steps to determine the type of printer you’ll be using, as well as some preferences:

What else is necessary to connect the cash drawer to a printer? 

You’ll need an RJ11 cable

The cable connector can be found in this part of your printer:

The same cable is used for landline telephone lines.

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