How to: Shifts in Elementary POS

Shifts in Elementary POS are a very useful tool if you’re running a business that already has some employees. Not only can you create a separate account for them in your Elementary POS app, but they can use Shifts to allow you to differentiate the sales each of them makes. 

Shifts also have their own tab in the sales report that you can download from the Elementary POS Office. That way, you can view and compare data from any shifts from a given time period. 

How do Shifts work?

Right after a seller logs into the app, a new shift begins automatically. All sales made during the shift are attributed to the current user. At the end of the shift, the seller is able to check how much cash should be in the cash register by printing a Z report. They can also leave a custom note when ending a shift. The Shift must be ended by tapping on the “End shift” button. While it starts automatically, it must be ended manually.

In the Elementary POS Office, it is possible to track when the seller ended the shift and what the number of cash and card sales was.

TIP: In the Elementary POS Office, you can select users (sellers) who will be able to start their shift without needing to enter a password. You can do this by tapping on “Edit cash register” in the Office.

Z reports

After you tap on “End shift”, a pop-up will prompt you to print a Z report. Z report is an overview of all sales made during that shift. It can only be printed once, after the shift is finished. It contains information about the cash register status before and after the shift, the financial sum that should be inside your cash drawer, and the username of the seller. 

Every Z report contains a so-called Z report ID, which is matching with the shift’s ID. It’s a unique series of numbers, through which it is easy to link a Z report to a specific shift. You can also use the Z report ID as an identifier to search for Z report data in your regular sales report. 

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