New Report formats in Elementary POS: Z and X reports!

Sales reports are an essential part of Elementary POS. Along with the cash register, they are the most frequently used function of our app. That is why we decided to enhance them with two new formats: Z reports and X reports.

These formats enable you and your employees to check the current status of sales during or after their shift. They are a simplified report format for your staff. The full reports from each shift will always be found in the regular sales report.

An X report can be generated at any time during a shift, as many times as necessary. It is useful for example if there is a personnel change during a shift, or if you just need to check on some data at a specific moment. 

A Z report, on the other hand, can only be printed once, after a shift is finished. A Z report will contain data about all sales made during that specific shift and contains the financial sum that should be in your cash box. A prompt to print a Z report pops up in the app after the “End shift” button is pressed. 

While an X report serves merely as a brief info for the employee or their supervisor, a Z report is an overall shift recap and can be found in your regular sales report that you can download from the Office. Each shift has an ID (a number identifier), which can also be found on the Z report. Through the ID, you can find data from any specific Z report you need.

Do you have any further questions related to X and Z reports, or reports in general? Don’t hesitate to ask us about them on! We’ll be happy to get back to you.


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