Business tips: hiring part time workers for peak season

Any peak season always comes with a lot of traffic. Let’s make sure you are prepared for it, if you are planning to hire part-time workers. Some things, if done on time, might save you a whole lot of nerves later down the line, as well as ensure that you get access to the best candidates.

Hiring part-timers: how and where? 

1) Do it on time. Avoid leaving it for the last second. That way, you’ll honestly be choosing from the candidates that are left. In the worse case, you won’t even be in the spot to actually pick. Of course, this depends on where your business is located. In large cities, the selection of candidates is always wider. However, even in this case, dealing with the hiring part on time can give you the upper hand, and you’ll be able to choose from the best ones.

2) Write a special ad for each position you offer, it pays off. The equation is really simple: well written job ads attract better workers. Better workers produce better results. Therefore, do take the time to formulate separate texts for at least the differing conditions of each position you are looking to occupy. 

3) Spread the word wherever you can. Discover local part-time job Facebook groups and spread your webs even through your friends and acquaintances. Decide for yourself if you would like to invest into paid ads e.g. on Facebook or job portals, but if you’re looking for multiple part-timers to join you for the season, it might pay off.

Where does Elementary POS fit in among your part timers? 

Even if you hire people for a couple weeks or months, you can easily give them Employee access to your Premium Elementary POS license. That way, they will be able to make transactions and view them, but without having access to internal data, such as reports or transaction history. If you’d like to read more about roles you can set up with the Premium plan, be sure to check out this article that we previously published on this topic!

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