How to set up multiple accounts with a single Elementary POS license?

Many of you have been using the Elementary POS as a simple, inexpensive cash register solution. Of course, its biggest advantage consists in that you only need an Android mobile device to run it. 

However, Elementary POS doesn’t have to be just a cash register. It has several functions that can make the execution of your whole sales system smoother. One of them is the option to create multiple accounts for your employees or coworkers. 

Even if you own a free version of Elementary POS, you can leverage the possibility of having multiple accounts with one license. 

With Premium Elementary POS, you can go even further. 

Elementary POS Premium enables you to customise the role of every user. Thanks to these customizations, you can set up four different types of roles, and every one of them has access to different features, as not everyone needs to see everything.

The types of users you can create are:

  • Admin user: Has access to everything, usually, the owner or the manager of a company will have this access.
  • Accountant: Has access to sales reports in Elementary POS Office.
  • Employee user: Has access to creating receipts.
  • Part-time help: A user with this role can sell and issue receipts, but cannot access any sales data. Suitable if, for example, you have season workers.

There isn’t a limit to how many customised accounts you can create with Premium, so don’t hesitate to create a special account for each of your employees that needs to have access to sales data. 

If you have any further questions regarding the app or creating multiple accounts, don’t hesitate to contact us on!


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