Should you use your personal cell phone as a cash register?

Or, should you get a special one for this purpose? 

If you`re currently running your business solo, your own Android phone can likely do the job. However, if you’re running a company that already has employees, getting a low-cost Android phone specially for the purpose of using Elementary POS might be advantageous. Why, again?

Let’s look at 3 different reasons.

1) One for all. 

If you decide to run EPOS on a dedicated device, then that’s literally all you need and everyone in the workshop can use it. This phone doesn’t even need a SIM card, just a stable Wi-Fi connection to make sure all your transactions live sync to the online system. 

If you decide to get a device that will have the sole purpose of serving as a cash register, any older or even a hand-me-down Android model will serve you, as EPOS runs on OS 4.4 and above.

2) Being sick at home won’t slow you down.

And neither will being stuck in traffic or being absent from your workplace for whatever reason. If you have a dedicated cash register on the spot, no one needs to depend on you coming in every morning.

3) iPhone won’t serve you for now.

Keep in mind that, for the time being, EPOS is only compatible with Android devices.

If you’re an iPhone user, you can opt to purchase a low-cost Android device and run EPOS on that.

You can still observe your sales live via a web browser on whatever device you’d like to, including an iPhone or a Mac.

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